Saturday, January 5, 2008

epiphanic flames

Tomorrow is January 6th, the last day of Christmas. Another holiday season, under-appreciated as it were, has passed me by.

Being January, and all, I should be energized by the thought of new experiences and new projects to take on. I feel beat down instead. Exhausted and drunk on all of my post holiday blues. Don't worry... I'll bounce back.

I thought I'd share some new images though, despite my current state of "being lame". And actually after posting some new items, I feel much better.

I spent about half an hour getting cozy with our pellet stove the other day. I thought I'd accidentally melt my face or my lens (depending on which could withstand the most heat), but both lived through the experience. Flames fascinate me. Motion grace brilliant color and dangerous life. To see the collection of fire shots, click here.

On a different note. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend eating breakfast and drinking coffee at the Little Grill in 2007. I just love the local collective. But I had never taken in the night time scene or music life until last night. Randy and I got the chance to hear Rachel Austin (Luanne and Kim, her parents, go to our church) perform in the intimate space. It was a really nice experience. She is a fantastic lyricist and vocalist who resides in Belfast. Fun times. Check out her myspace page to hear her music. So anyway, my new years resolution will be to hear more musicians at the Little Grill this year. Finally a resolution I can keep!

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