Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is good-ish.

Life is good. Ok, I admit it. I secretly hate the person with that bumper sticker or t-shirt, and I judge them. I have been silently judging THOSE people for years. Liars. These are the same people who wear Disney themed running apparel. Look I admit that life can be pretty great, for the most part. But that doesn't mean those people should get way with their stickers and bubbly fonts.

I don't think I came out of the womb like this. Take baby Boris for instance... he is perfect, innocent, and really into eating his hand.

My husband, the most wonderful husband of all time, brought me home pink roses! I was surprised to say the least. Jealous?

I garden now, officially. Only a few things have died on my watch, so I feel pretty good that I'll make it to the end of the summer with a belly full of fresh salsa from the garden, and more rosemary than I know what to do with! Don't you just love to say "rosemary"?