Saturday, January 11, 2014

A sweet little family shoot from before the holidays. Loved documenting Will & Julia's wedding day almost as much as I loved documenting their beautiful family! Thank you for having me over guys! Baby Rowan is a sweetheart.  photo ruckerblog001_zps0c37bd05.jpg  photo ruckerblog002_zps5b489e1f.jpg  photo ruckerblog003_zps0c30e4d5.jpg  photo ruckerblog004_zps0a326bc1.jpg  photo ruckerblog005_zps1516cf06.jpg  photo ruckerblog006_zps8063fac2.jpg  photo ruckerblog007_zps36c8bf93.jpg  photo ruckerblog008_zpsd4a7581c.jpg  photo ruckerblog009_zps3b5dcf45.jpg  photo ruckerblog010_zpsb7118870.jpg  photo ruckerblog011_zps75ca7ef7.jpg  photo ruckerblog012_zps55798cf3.jpg  photo ruckerblog013_zpsc3896b1a.jpg  photo ruckerblog014_zpsd8788608.jpg  photo ruckerblog015_zps6553b442.jpg  photo ruckerblog016_zps1d56c1c9.jpg  photo ruckerblog018_zpsa34ede09.jpg  photo ruckerblog019_zps83529e60.jpg  photo ruckerblog020_zpsadd28d32.jpg  photo ruckerblog021_zpsc025fb38.jpg  photo ruckerblog022_zps0a5e7e85.jpg

1 comment:

Alisha Huber said...

OMG I want that ceiling. Like, everywhere. Like a ceiling with stars that would magically appear in every room I enter.

Also, you are, of course, crazy talented. What a lovely shoot!

(but srsly, that ceiling!)