Friday, June 14, 2013

Larkin is on the move.

Larkin and I like to talk about excavators, trains, and dump trucks. He's pretty cool, so are his folks!

 photo larkin01_zps4fee2f21.jpg
 photo larkin02_zpse12ed50b.jpg
 photo larkin03_zps25042a94.jpg
 photo larkin07_zps145cef16.jpg
 photo larkin04_zps0ea0b9f3.jpg
 photo larkin08_zps702f5b9f.jpg
 photo larkin09_zpsac3a4c64.jpg
 photo larkin06_zps3f32abc7.jpg
 photo larkin11_zpsa48f397b.jpg
 photo larkin10_zps972bf240.jpg

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