Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mark & Ann Marie Portrait

Randy and I are HUGE fans of the Joshua Wilton House in downtown Harrisonburg. The food and service there is out of this world. And we are pretty big dorks when it comes to "fine dining". Most of the time after we have a good meal at a great restaurant... we end up thinking of Mark's food and wondering what his menu was... wondering what we missed. Seriously.

Ann Marie, Sean, and Mark run are an amazing team. What would we do without the JWH wine club? The fun evenings in the lounge enjoying great drinks and unbelievable appetizers? We would be sad.

I last blogged about them in December when I ordered Christmas pastries. Oh yeah, the pastry chef is also amazing.

Ok, I'm done gushing.

Ann Marie & Mark were so kind to sit for a portrait this afternoon. Thank you for putting up with me you guys!

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