Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wolfgang & Blue Nile

First of all, go to the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant downtown, and secondly check out the Basement/Bar for a great place to hang out or check out local bands.

The music was great, the people were overflowing with coolness (excluding myself), and the atmosphere was probably the best in town. Harrisonburg is so weird, I didn't even know the "Basement" existed until today. Apparently they are open every night from 7-2 so we will definitely return.

I love bands, and harsh lighting, and sound. Could have kicked myself for not bringing the 85mm 1.4, and continue to drool over earning the right to some day buy a D3. But am happy to take some basement like photos of my friends Jon and Daniele.

I loved your style by the way, do you have CDs?

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