Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pops, I salute thee!

One of the best uses of $40 I've ever spent was on a tiny little tripod. I gave my dad that tripod so that he would be able to take more night shots.

I probably realized this before giving him the tripod but I certainly have since... Pops is a great photographer. He can't get around as easily as I can but he has an amazing eye. Some of his photography has blown me away. He doesn't use fancy gear and proves that you don't need it.

He is moving to Virginia very soon, which I'm thrilled about. But for the last several years he has lived in the Pacific Northwest and faced months of darkness and rain each year. I'm impressed by the fact that he doesn't let that stand in his way. He still gets out there and takes photos. Especially sunsets at the pier in Edmonds.

Below are some of his photos, my personal favorites of the last year.

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