Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Babies & Art Galleries- Oh My!

Infants are either a hired photographers biggest challenge or a carefree photographers greatest joy. The challenging part usually comes from happy parents behind the camera making happy faces and silly noises. This behavior ALWAYS comes from joy, good intentions, and wanting to help... but sometimes it makes it difficult for me, I think. I so often wish I could be invisible and my camera silent. How do I get there? Is it possible? It may not be. I might not be doing my job properly. Or maybe it's all about re-approaching the approach.

And then the gallery space. It's so hard for me to approach a room or a design because it doesn't breathe. It's not alive, and it doesn't feel or bleed or care. It requires horrid bright studio lighting. Horrid in that I HATE IT! But it can be beautiful, it can work, it can save me, and it can truly showcase the room. But I'm intimidated and lazy and reluctant. I tried to shoot a gallery space naturally, but that didn't work so I returned with a BRIGHT light.

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