Wednesday, April 25, 2007

in the past, i mocked bjork relentlessly

i would share my hate filled thoughts with friends at the time. "bjork is the perfect example of a musician who no one truly likes. no one truly enjoys her music, they are simply pressured into putting her on their cool music list."

i'll never know what made me an expert on the subject. i know very little about music, composition, or talent. i think this time in my life spent mocking bjork's art stemmed from a hatred of people who liked things that were supposedly "cool" or "alternative". assholes.

needless to say i'm very glad that being 19 years old is years past, six to be exact. at 25 i'm no more wise, informed, or capable of judging musical giftedness. i am however more familiar with the concepts of failure, humility, risk, and artistic bravery.

bjork is artistically brave.

her new single "earth intruders" which she performed on SNL last week included a choir of icelandic girls equipped with french horns. brave.

besides. i like her music, and have ceased challenging her validity.

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